Can't Read, Can't Write, Here's My Book.
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Can't Read, Can't Write, Here's My Book.
An inspiring story told by Michael Jacques a young adult with autism and an intellectual disability.

Want to share your story or say hi? Would you like to schedule a talk and hear more from Michael? See how to get in touch below.


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Michael enjoys hearing reviews about his book. He is thrilled to receive questions about his story/book and loves to hear other people’s stories. If you feel inspired by his book and would like to share your stories with us, reach out below!


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Michael’s book is available on this website for purchase and it is also available at all Sobeys stores in Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces. If you would like to order multiple copies of the book you can do so by contacting us below. If you are outside of Canada and the United States and you would like to purchase a book, fill out the form below and we will do our best to mail you a copy.

Book Michael as a guest speaker

Michael is always excited to travel to share his story. He has travelled across the country, and one day can hopefully travel the world. He has presented to more than 60 schools in Ontario spreading his message about inclusion and anti-bullying. He shares his stories and identifies how students can make a difference in their schools. He speaks to high-school students about finding their voice and how to make their school environment a better place for everyone. He motivates college and university students to continue to be the best educators they can be for all people. He attends conferences to share what it’s like to have autism and how it feels to live in today's society with challenges. He speaks to organizations to remind them of the importance in seeing all people for who they are and what they can offer to their community.  Michael highlights some amazing organizations like Community Living and Special Olympics who are changing mind-sets in their communities. Michael uses his book as a vehicle to drive change. He is a great presenter and people connect right away to his honest, positive, and humorous approach. 


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